The Big Underwear Social Tour was a project that Irmi and Brady began in 2009, though Brady had been dreaming of doing something like it for thirty years since he was a young traveling clown in Mexico.

Brady and Irmi acquired a circus bus from Circus Contraption, renovated it in Oregon and then drove it down to Puebla, Mexico. There it would become home for the fourteen performance artists from around the world and a German film team who met there to become involved in this amazing social interaction project.

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After the first B.U.S.T. project, Irmi and Brady did it two more times. The second tour was with seven members, and the final tour in the Yucatan part of Mexico was just the two of them. 

The B.U.S.T project gives one an idea of how Brady and Irmi like to roll.  Of course, now they live out in the German countryside and grow a garden and take life just a little bit easier. Their next project will focus on farts, and the reaction people have from them.

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B.U.S.T-Website www.big-underwear-social-tour.com

Pueblo Mexico, Rodara Circlown Festival:

  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011

Granada Nicaragua Artistas de Calle Festiva

  • 2011

International Artist Festival in San Juan, Costa Rica,

  • 2011
  • 2012