Duo-Comedy Show

Bobarino Gravittini was a world class entertainer. Until, that is, he met and accidentally married Fraulein Marianne Döpp in a Las Vegas drive through marriage facility. Now he's stuck with a crazy Swabian woman who now claims to have found an "artist within".

Sorrowfully, Bobarino allows Fraulein Döpp to wiggle her eway into his show with her slapstick style of entertainment. As our story begins, Bobarino stuns and amazes but gradually notices he is completely upstaged. This beautiful and totally insane clown is stealing the show.

By their sensational finale, their icons have switched as Fraulein Döpp (clown woman) transforms herself into the Diva, and Bobarino (straight man) is now the maniac. Insane, and deeply, soulfully, heart-rendingly in love.


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Show Facts

  • for everybody at any event
  • experienced moderators
  • stage or flat ground 7x5m
  • open height 5m