Bobarino Gravittini

Bobarino Gravittini is a master craftsman of the "High social risk, calculating idiot, clown immunity, destroy-one-social-barrier-destroy-them-all, investigative clown." school of street theatre.

He has various set piece components with which to construct his shows including ping pong mouth juggling, balls, clubs, flaming tennis rackets, lasso, flaming lasso, balancing a wheelbarrow on his chin while on a rola bola on top of a 6 ft platform.

But what makes him more facinating still is the ongoing thought processes involved in each shows construction. He gauges how far any particular audience will allow him to go and usually always stretches them by taking them a little further than they might be comfortable with before bringing them back. He deliberately gains an audience's trust and attains a level of goodwill that many performers would be more than happy to sustain, only to do or say something that punctures the atmosphere and introduces a sudden element of anxiety that he then sets about rescuing himself and the audience from.
 He consciously creates mood sump holes in his stage or street show for the challange of recovering from them.
He takes his audience on a risky adventure and entertains them thoroughly.

He is an American who works predominantly in Europe and does his fair share of corporate and international festival work which he professionally modifies to soften his audience's experience.

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Show Facts

  • for audiences with smart phones attached to hands or without
  • sober or drunk
  • variety, festival, corporate or themed events
  • stage or leveled ground 5x5m
  • open height 5m